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A comedy following a law school graduate chasing the American dream.

Cristela is a Mexican-American law school student in her sixth year. She is finally ready to accept her first unpaid internship at a prestigious law firm, but her career path is more ambitious than her traditional family thinks is appropriate.

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Garry Webb
Posted 05/28/16 at 01:04:48

The more I watch Dr.Kim, the madder I get at this network for cancelling Cristela. How does a network determine what is worth supporting and what it cancels? Am I to believe Dr.Kims ratings were better than Cristela? B.S
Posted 01/11/16 at 20:21:00

not great, but really good. clean and funny and good hearted. could watch with kids 12 and up and everyone laughs and connects in some way. nothing sleezy or embarrassing for parents to watch with their teens. fri nite is a nightmare, but is a good nite for families to watch something together or dvr it.
Just Someone
Posted 10/01/15 at 09:37:16

This was George Lopez reincarnated. right down the the Mother In Law. No wonder it was cancelled. Can we say, "Deja Vu" ?
Posted 06/19/15 at 16:24:48

This show was a good, clean comedy that was actually funny!
It wasn't any of that reality junk that is all over TV.
Friday night is like a death sentence. Just put in on another
night. Please bring it back. Maybe a cable network will pick
it up.
Posted 06/16/15 at 23:50:57

Great another one of my favs gone.
Posted 06/12/15 at 21:15:59

We love this show its well written and funny and great family keep cancelling all thw good shows and keep these crazy reality crap!! Please bring this show back. Move it to a different time slot.. but PLEASE BRING IT BACK
Moni p
Posted 06/04/15 at 20:05:22

I'm so sad to see this show go. Cristela was funny and a great family show... I wish they just tried a new night also!!
Posted 05/20/15 at 18:13:05

Great show and great writing. Can't believe they didn't move it or maybe move it too the off season.
Posted 05/08/15 at 17:16:01

I love this show!!! Please just move it to another night!!!
Posted 05/08/15 at 07:51:17

This show needs another chance. It got better after the first few episodes. A laugh out loud comedy.

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Genre: Comedy

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Cristela Alonzo (Cristela)
Carlos Ponce (Felix)
Terri Hoyos (Natalia)
Andrew Leeds (Josh)
Sam McMurray (Trent)