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Jun 19, 2015 - Present




Drama / Sci-fi


Dutch - Hannah John-KamenJohn - Aaron AshmoreD'avin - Luke Macfarlane

A sci-fi drama following a trio of interplanetary bounty hunters.

Dutch, John, and D'avin are a fun-loving, hard-living trio of interplanetary bounty hunters who chase down and capture deadly criminals. They are sworn to remain impartial in their pursuit of warrants throughout the Quad, a distant system on the brink of a multi-planetary class war.

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michael dobey
09/22/19 at 01:55pm

This show had a final season and episode. good stuff. Dark matter was killed because the network wanted to bring other shows on.
Steve S.
07/19/19 at 09:42am

Is this the beast responsible for killing Dark Matter? Kill it!
04/06/17 at 04:44pm

I so hope to see more of this great show, after all, Pree did say him being a warlord is a story for another time. I adore Pree (Thom Allison)even tho what little I've read may seem to say he's not a 'lady's man' per se.
Kasey Magee
11/08/16 at 03:56am

I just started watching this show,gotta say I'm loving it.. Its fun to watch.. Hope its around for awhile..!!!
michael dobey
09/02/16 at 04:01pm

low budget sci fi that's fun to watch , the acting is good and the characters are well done. Congrats!
12/08/15 at 08:59pm

Love this show!! The action and humor are well balanced, and I like the political intrigue going on.
11/10/15 at 05:49am

This series tries to be cool but it's lame. Sadly, I guess there's enough dopey dorks to keep this crap on the air. I guess the glory days of BSG and Stargate are over for Syfy. At least there's much better science fiction on other channels now.
08/31/15 at 08:25pm

This show is badass awesome love to watch this show every week is even more epic
08/16/15 at 04:15pm

When will syfy announce renewal or cancelled????
07/20/15 at 11:12am

Let's see, Firefly, Star Hunters, et. al., we've been down the galactic bounty hunter path before. What's different? This time the lead Bounty Hunter is a kick-ass chick that nicely fills out her skin tight whatever outfit. Still it's a fun show for the sci-fi folks to enjoy. Got to admit I like the set up with a main planet and it's moons being the play ground for this one.

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