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Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

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Network: CBS

A drama following a specialized International Division of the FBI.

This second spin-off of the Criminal Minds franchise follows the special International Response Unit of the FBI tasked with solving crimes from beyond our borders and coming to the rescue of American citizens who find themselves in danger while traveling abroad.

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Posted 09/29/16 at 11:19:10

I wanted to like this show so much. I love the cast, but it just isn't hitting the mark for me. I watched all but the last three episodes. They are still on my DVR. I cannot force myself to watch them, nor can I make myself delete them. I wish it had something to offer, but I cannot find it.
Posted 07/13/16 at 13:08:57

i love criminal minds and i love this show
Posted 06/19/16 at 14:11:51

Won't watch because of Sinese? That just makes you stupid!
Posted 05/17/16 at 05:06:53

Once I saw Sinise was in it I gave it a wide berth
Posted 05/13/16 at 17:53:55

Criminal Minds Beyond Borders is a good show. Glad to see Gary Sinise back with a show. It is much better than the other Criminal Minds spin-off, Suspect Behavior. Only thing I don't like is the annoying things appearing during the show. Annoying things such as advertisements for other shows, hashtags and the CBS logo in the lower right corner. It would be nice to watch the show without the annoying distractions.
Posted 05/12/16 at 20:20:30

So glad it's not just me. I really wanted to like this show because I love Gary Sinese but I just can't get into it. I keep watching and every week I wonder why. Too bad.
Posted 05/11/16 at 19:35:47

I like the show. I find it interesting as different locations in the world and their "moral code". Glad it go the thumbs up for another season!
Posted 04/15/16 at 16:50:43

This show just doesn't have it. Not sure why....Sinese (from CSI: New York) is good, as is De la Garza (from Forever). But there's something missing I can't quite put my finger on. Whatever, there's no depth to the stories and they're simply flat.
I watched the first few episodes but am no longer a viewer.
Posted 04/10/16 at 08:03:56

Why must American travellers only get into trouble in Asia ? Are there no other countries/continents ? Watched the first 3 episodes - BORING.
Sharon Clore
Posted 03/30/16 at 19:10:51

I was so looking forward to this series because I really like Sinese. Watch CSI New York reruns all the time. Just can't get into this show. The cast is good but I just don't care for it. Not sure why but it's just not there.

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Genre: Drama / Crime

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Gary Sinise (Jack)
Alana De La Garza (Clara)
Daniel Henney (Matthew)
Tyler James Williams (Monty)
Annie Funke (Mae)