Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

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Mar 16, 2016 - May 17, 2017




Drama / Crime




Jack - Gary SiniseClara - Alana De La GarzaMatthew - Daniel HenneyMonty - Tyler James WilliamsMae - Annie Funke

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A drama following a specialized International Division of the FBI.

This second spin-off of the Criminal Minds franchise follows the special International Response Unit of the FBI tasked with solving crimes from beyond our borders and coming to the rescue of American citizens who find themselves in danger while traveling abroad.

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michael dobey
06/29/18 at 10:40am

Good show. Rip.
09/29/17 at 12:04pm

CANCELLED! Are you f--- kidding me? Gary Senise is a truly amazing actor. Yea, the rest of the cast was a little boring, with the exception of Daniel Henney, who has moved on to "Criminal Minds". On the other hand, the acting and plots were brilliant. As studies have shown, TV is marketed toward the average 13-year-old: Go "Real Housewives" et al.
07/16/17 at 00:33am

I was surprised to see this show renewed after the first season.
I found the show repetitive.... something bad happens to some American somewhere in the world, they fly in and solve the case. Next episode repeat.
What I really didn't like was the conceit, only the FBI can figure out the problem and solve it. An American TV show made to reinforce the Americans believe of stereotypes that the rest of the world are AH's and can't solve crimes.
It protrayed the world in many places as run down, decreped, corrupt and incompetent (mostly not true) but in the nicest possible way.
Good riddence.
W fortin
06/22/17 at 04:35pm

What not nasty enough like that awful criminal minds. Its a shame we'll done and acted stupid to cancel
Elaine P,
06/11/17 at 04:41pm

I liked this show because it showed you have to be aware to be careful and find out about the countries you travel to. Other countries are not like the US. My husband was in the Navy and I was honored to go with him to 2 tours overseas. There were a lot of rules we had to go by but we stayed safe. When you just go and expect the US to get you out of trouble, TOO Bad! Thanks for a good show Gary Sinise and No Thanks To Another CBS Good Show cut because of pressure from WA. or Money when you didn't advertise enough. Takes a while for word of mouth. You just wont wait when it doesn't line your pockets fast enough.
Myrna Padilla
05/29/17 at 05:13pm

I really love this show, I love Gary Sinese, all the team is professional. Please do not cancelled. In Puerto Rico have plenty fams. Please renew again
05/17/17 at 07:57am

So sad this show is cancelled. It doesn't carry the intensity of the original Criminal Minds, but I enjoyed the traveling to different places. I also like the characters. I'm okay without the plot integrations. Too often touchy feely storylines lead to character drama that takes the story away from the original premise viewers fell in love with, ie. traveling the world solving murders!
04/30/17 at 01:17am

I really really want to like this- so I keep watching. But the part that I find that is missing is integrated storylines. I believe the team likes each other because I keep being told so. But I never see it. They meet up and solve he case and go their separate ways. I get more details and backstory on the bad guys of each episode than I ever do on the main characters. Why bother casting Sherri Stringfield if she's going to be a background character? Use her! Cast other great characters to back up the other leads on the team. If you want me to like and invest in these characters make them people instead purposes. Annie Funke is awesome! Give her something to sink her teeth into other than scientific monologues. And the writing is great for the cases- but one dimensional characters won't carry this show for very long. People watch shows for the whole experience. If there isn't anything beyond science we can watch reality science on public broadcast networks . We watch this for an experience- so up the ante or fold. They've had more than a season to develop something we can love. Case after case isn't going to get anyone hooked. Introducing Sinise's son is a great move! Add some more into the other characters would be great too! Who do these people leave behind when they do a case? How are their lives effected? It's time. It's time.
02/18/17 at 00:08am

I love this show. The story lines are intriguing because of the complex issue of local law enforcement sparring with the American "gold standard" ("truth, justice, and the American way") I, too, like Gary Sinese and De la Garza (big mistake cancelling Forever) and the pathologist is a unique character. Kanga and Duke _ your comment about it always being in Asia- they are not always in Asia - except that there are more than 50 different countries in Asia comprising about 4.3 billion people. That is 60% of the world population so you're bound to run into a few Asians.
02/09/17 at 04:53pm

Love this show. The standard Criminal Minds has become so predictable and so boring. This show always has a twist because of the International implications.

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