Kevin (Probably) Saves the World

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Oct 03, 2017 - Present






Kevin - Jason RitterYvette - Kimberly Hebert GregoryAmy - JoAnna Garcia SwisherNathan - J. August RichardsKristin - India de BeaufortReese - Chloe EastTyler - Dustin Ybarra

A drama following a down-on-his-luck man who is given a mission by God to save the world.

Kevin Finn is a self-absorbed guy who is down on his luck and on a perilous path to despair. When he heads back home to stay with his twin sister and niece, an unlikely celestial being appears to him and tasks him with a mission to save the world, giving Kevin a new purpose in life.

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12/10/17 at 07:45am

Love this show. Hope they don't cancel it.
12/10/17 at 07:44am

Love this show. Hope they do not cancel it.
Reba Lovett
12/08/17 at 04:56pm

I love the show. But like most of the shows I have enjoyed on ABC they will probably cancel it. That is what ABC is all about. They only keep cheep shows. The good ones are always canceled. This show is funny and has a sensitive side to it.
Reba Lovett
12/08/17 at 04:53pm

Love this show. Silly but sensitive. Its too good to last. ABC has a reputation of eliminating the best of shows. This will be one. Sad but true,.
12/08/17 at 09:31am

Love the show, Kevin is a person, who does not get it right all the time, he goofs up, he has to find the answer, sometimes he gets right sometime he doesn't I think that is what makes the show great.
12/07/17 at 00:55am

This is the only show I watch every week without fail. Everything else gets binge watched. I'm not religious or anything I just love this whacky Ritter-driven show. I hope it catches on and sticks around just like his dad's shows.
11/28/17 at 03:06pm

I think this show is cute. I love the comedy and the fact that it is a pisitive show in a sea of violent and crime dramas.
11/01/17 at 05:01am

I think Jason Ritter is as gread as his dad was at being the wacky guy. I hope this show stays in the air.
10/26/17 at 08:17pm

My husband and I really like this show. Has a sweet sentiment and likeable characters. In these times it's nice to watch a show that makes you happy. Jason's dad is surely very proud of him!
10/11/17 at 06:01pm

Check it out. Does anyone notice that JoAnna Garcia Swisher looks exactly like Rose McIver from IZombie?

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