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Landry - Tom CullenPope Boniface VIII - Jim CarterGawain - Padraic DelaneyTancrede - Simon MerrellsJoan - Olivia RossWilliam - Julian OvendenIsabella - Sabrina BartlettAdelina - Sarah-Sofie BoussninaTalus - Mark HamillLouis - Tom ForbesIsabella - Genevieve Gaunt

A drama following the medieval politics and warfare of the Knights Templar.

Years after the fall of the city of Acre, the Templar's last stronghold in the Holy Land, a clue emerges suggesting the whereabouts of the lost Holy Grail.

This sends the Templars, a powerful and mysterious military order of the Middle Ages entrusted to protect Christianity's precious relics, on a dangerous mission to find the lost Cup of Christ.

Comments (9)

06/06/19 at 06:10am

there is still so much more that show can explore after the destruction and it was not to be a history lesson after all, so let them have some fun exploring what could have become of all those displaced Templar Knights...give us another season
04/24/19 at 08:53pm

Compelling! We can’t wait for each episode. We love the characters and the twists in the plot.Brilliantly written. It has it all. We want more. A lot more!
08/16/18 at 01:14pm

not sure why it hasn't been posted but it has been renewed
Michael M
02/11/18 at 06:27am

Fingers crossed the History channel renews this's been great so far with epic battles, just enough drama and historic-license that it's not a soap opera, and quite honestly just great entertainment. Finale gives us both closure and hope for more, so please History channel, take note and give us more !!
02/10/18 at 07:57am

Damn good show. It better be renewed ‘cause I want to see the showdown between Landry & the King! That will be epic!
02/09/18 at 05:47am

Great show......finale was amazing, exactly what we expected
Paul Strutzenberg
02/07/18 at 08:19pm

What a show now paired up with Vikings on the History channel! Just watched the finale it was EPIC as I thought it would be and am assuming this has been renewed! Sure pray to God it has!
02/03/18 at 01:34pm

Fantastic show, more happens in one episode than most shows entire season. Intrigue, betrayal, mystery and action what more could you ask for!
10/27/17 at 07:53am

Swords, men in dressup cloaks, woman, dirty food, combat...what else you need?

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