The Resident

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Jan 21, 2018 - Present




Drama / Medical


Conrad - Matt CzuchryNicolette - Emily VanCampDevon - Manish DayalMina - Shaunette Renee WilsonSoloman - Bruce Greenwood

A medical drama following the last years of a young doctor's training.

The final years of a young doctor's training, known as their residency, rip back the curtain to reveal the truth of what really happens, both good and bad, in hospitals across the country.

When an idealistic young doctor begins his first day under the supervision of a brilliant but tough senior resident, the hard truths about modern-day medicine - both good and bad - come to light. Some lives are saved and others are lost, but expectations will always be shattered.

Comments (11)

10/22/18 at 09:23pm

This is one great show! Yes! We are watching! And yes to seeing Emily Van Camp (Revenge) and Matt Czuchry (Yhe Good Wife) but also Shaunette Wilson (Okafor) and yayyy! Malcolm Jamal-Warnet, Bruce Greenwood and oh all ya'all!! Shoot! Great cast!FOX you did it again!
04/28/18 at 03:10pm

Love love this show. Please keep it. I see many things happening.
04/07/18 at 11:18pm

i love this show and all the actors in it , please renew .
04/02/18 at 03:42pm

I love this show too. I hope it pick up and renew next season. Hopefully many more seasons to comes.
03/28/18 at 11:54am

BEST new show! Great acting! Someof my favs are on here. Emily Van Camp and Matt Czurchy are awesome!
Kimberlee Ryan
03/14/18 at 07:13pm

My husband and i love this show and he doesn't usually watch this type of television. Every week we can't wait to see the next episode. We hope this gets picked up and not cancelled.
Patricia graci
02/13/18 at 06:18pm

Love love this show his way of doing medical procedures his way because he cares for people he puts his heart and soul into his work , he never gives up , wish we had Drs like him DON'T CANCEL THIS SHOW
02/13/18 at 04:09pm

This is one of the best new shows.i absolutely adore it. I hope others are watching!
01/29/18 at 01:09pm

Like this show a lot. Hope it gets a chance to hang around awhile.
01/24/18 at 05:40pm

I can't help but hate Dr. Bell. I keep watching to see when he will get fired. Overall, I like this show so far. I just hope that they bring in more personal stories with the characters but its super early in the series so I'm hopeful!

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