May 17, 2011

Last week, new Fox comedy Breaking In was canceled along with a slew of other on-the-bubble shows on the network. The move came as a bit of a surprise to fans as well as the cast & crew, seeing as how the show had only aired five episodes when the news broke.

Now it appears the cancellation may have been a bit premature, as it turns out the network might still have ideas to give the show another shot down the road. As a test of sorts, Fox has moved Breaking In's season finale to a new time slot - Tuesday at 9:30pm - to see how it fares following the already-renewed sitcom Raising Hope rather than airing Wednesday after American Idol.

Speaking to, show co-creator and executive producer Adam F. Goldberg expressed him optimism about the show. "It really couldn't have gone any better. Fox loves the cast. I always did what I wanted on the show and they loved it creatively. They were definitely happy with the ratings, so everyone was really surprised, myself included."

Another positive sign has been the support from Fox's Entertainment President, Kevin Reilly. He called last week's cancellation a "heartbreaker" and told Goldberg that it was "not a definite pass".

For now, the show remains at Cancelled status, but this could be one to pop up again in the future. The show's seventh, and final, episode airs tonight.

(Source: TV Guide)