Breaking In

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Apr 06, 2011 - Apr 03, 2012








Oz - Christian SlaterCameron - Bret HarrisonCash - Alphonso McAuleyJosh - Trevor MooreMelanie - Odette YustmanDutch - Michael Rosenbaum

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An offbeat sitcom following an eclectic team of geniuses who break into security systems for a living.

Contra Security is a hi-tech security firm that sells protection services to corporations using somewhat questionable measures. The company employs a team of skilled geniuses who were hand picked by the head of the firm, who himself is a man of mystery and master manipulator.

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12/11/13 at 07:27am

Why they got rid of Trevor Moore (Josh) after the first season, I'll never know. I understand he's not the best actor in the biz, but he brought a lot of spunk to the rag tag contra team.
And yeah, season 2 lost its spirit. It became all about office tensions and less about the team and their skills. It also became less about Cameron (Bret Harrison) and ALL about friggin Megan Mulally (and if she ain't playin Karen, I don't really want to see her)
Poor Bret Harrison, he always plays lead on shows that deserve to make it but don't....although Reaper is like still wayyy better than Breaking_In.
05/17/12 at 06:03am

The was gr8 the first year, but after it came back I believe the writers were changed out wholesale. IT JUST WAS NOT FUNNY ANY MORE! To bad it was a gr8 show!
05/14/12 at 06:11pm

Megan Mulally RUINED THIS SHOW!!
05/02/12 at 07:15am

I wonder if "Breaking In" was granted a second chance because they agreed to the character changes. If so, I can't blame them for trying, however, if they didn't really have to change so drastically, then I have to ask - why?

The "jobs" they used to go on were interesting and the original characters were fresh and quirky. I love the new English girl, but Megan Mulally, on this show, makes MY SKIN CRAWL. She is AWFUL - stupid, annoying, tremendously grating and pathetic are good descriptions of her character. Literally she ruined the program.

I was happy to see that it was back, but I certainly can see why it was axed again so quickly. What a shame.
04/29/12 at 00:44am

It was better without megan she ruins the plot. no more jobs just drama.
04/03/12 at 06:41pm

Megan Mullally was Great on Will & Grace but she is ruining this show, the character just does not fit with the theme of the show.
04/02/12 at 10:07pm

02/18/12 at 10:36am

they r bring this show back on fox on mar 6 yah this is a great show :)
09/26/11 at 12:31pm

I certainly hope they are bringing this show back. My whole family really liked it and thought it was very innovative and Christian Slater was wonderful! Please give it another chance!

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