December 14, 2017

HBO announced today that Curb Your Enthusiasm has been renewed for a tenth season. The long-running Larry David comedy had returned to the air this past October after a six-year hiatus.  With the ball rolling again, the cable network has wasted no time in ordering up another round of the show, with production scheduled to begin this coming spring.

Curb Your Enthusiasm premiered in 2000 and went on to become a huge hit for HBO over the 10 years that followed. Currently the network's longest-running scripted series to-date with 90 episodes under its belt, the comedy doesn't appear to have missed a beat during its time off. Reviews for Season 9 were once again positive, with critics noting its ability to keep things fresh and funny so deep into its run.

No details are known yet about Season 10, but if the show gets its typical 10-episode order, it will hit the 100-episode milestone when it returns. As for a premiere, it appears that 2020 is a likely target.