April 18, 2018

National Geographic Channel announced today that Genius has been picked up for a third season. As it did with its first renewal announcement a year ago, the good news comes a week before the premiere of Season 2 on April 24.

The scripted anthology series premiered last year to generally positive reviews from critics. It grabbed the attention of audiences as well, with Season 1 attracting over 45 million viewers worldwide, making it the cable network's best-ever launch of a new series.

Each new season of Genius focuses on one of history's most-brilliant minds. The first season chronicled the life of physicist Albert Einstein, Season 2 will follow famous artist Pablo Picasso, and it was announced today that Season 3's subject will be iconic literary figure Mary Shelley, perhaps best known for her novel 'Frankenstein'.

Update 02/09/19: The third season of Genius will now focus on Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul who died last August at age 76.