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An anthology drama chronicling the lives of historical figures whose brilliant minds made a lasting impact on society.

The first season explores the humble origins of Professor Albert Einstein as an imaginative thinker, his struggles to be recognized by the establishment, and his rise as a global figure known for unlocking the mysteries of the cosmos with his theory of relativity.

While Einstein's daringly-creative mind managed to land him in his share of trouble with his loved ones and peers, it also helped him introduce groundbreaking discoveries that reshaped modern science.

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Steve S.
02/01/24 at 03:53am

I should watch MLK but I probably won't. His holiday just came round again. They had just a few things in common, X I can do without.
Steve S.
03/23/21 at 11:22pm

I’ve been watching Aretha out of order as they’re airing at least two episodes. Don’t know what gives as I thought this was the premiere and I would have thought season 3 episode 1, not 5 & 6. I look it up and there are 8 episodes in total - so I’m most of the way done and I just started. Anyway, lots of gospel, color, and most importantly, character. I like it but not enough to start at the beginning now. It’s clearly a feel good story and if it captures Aretha and the scene, then it’s genius.

The next genius will be MLK.
Steve S.
03/21/21 at 04:13pm

If I watch it, hopefully Aretha is better than Picasso was. I didn’t watch a lot of Picasso because it wasn’t interesting like it should be. After I stopped watching, I read detailed reviews that confirmed my decision. Einstein just looked slow so I didn’t watch it as there used to be plenty on TV. Long ago now.I hope they bring Franklin to life.
07/03/18 at 08:58pm

We watched both Albert Einstein and Picasso And thought they were both well written and very well acted.Hope they keep making more!
04/25/17 at 10:47am

Geoffrey Rush being attached to this and playing Einstein is a no brainier that it will be good.

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