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Apr 25, 2017 - Present


Nat Geo




Einstein - Geoffrey RushYoung Albert - Johnny FlynnElsa - Emily Watson

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An anthology drama chronicling the lives of historical figures whose brilliant minds made a lasting impact on society.

Beyond the many accomplishments of Professor Albert Einstein lies a story that goes beyond the halls of academia. This series explores his humble origins as an imaginative thinker, his struggles to be recognized by the establishment, and his rise as a global figure known for unlocking the mysteries of the cosmos with his theory of relativity.

It also explores Einstein's personal relationships, including his struggles to be a good husband and father while upholding his principles during a time of global unrest.

While Einstein's daringly-creative mind managed to land him in his share of trouble with his loved ones and peers, it also helped him introduce groundbreaking discoveries that reshaped modern science.

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07/03/18 at 08:58pm

We watched both Albert Einstein and Picasso And thought they were both well written and very well acted.Hope they keep making more!
04/25/17 at 10:47am

Geoffrey Rush being attached to this and playing Einstein is a no brainier that it will be good.

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