May 24, 2018

It looks like the current season of Code Black will be its last, as CBS has opted not to bring the medical drama back for Season 4. Word came from showrunner Michael Seitzman, who broke the sad news to his Twitter followers overnight.

The decision to cancel the series comes four episodes into the current third season, which premiered in April as a mid-season entry. The show was previously on the network's regular fall schedule for its first two seasons, but never really found a sizeable audience. Both of its past renewals came as last-minute decisions, but it looks like the network already knows what it wants to do this time around.

Inspired by an award-winning documentary, Code Black takes place in the busiest emergency room in the country. The term refers to when there are more patients than personnel or resources to treat them all, which occurs an alarming 300 days a year. The outstanding staff of this notoriously overcrowded and understaffed ER work to protect their patients and their ideals by confronting a challenged system that pushes them to their limits.