Code Black

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Sep 30, 2015 - Jul 18, 2018




Drama / Medical




Leanne - Marcia Gay HardenJesse - Luis GuzmanNeal - Raza JaffreyMario - Benjamin HollingsworthChrista - Bonnie SomervilleMalaya - Melanie KannokadaAngus - Harry FordRollie - William Allen Young

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A medical drama following a chaotic emergency room in Los Angeles.

Inspired by an award-winning documentary, this medical drama takes place in the busiest emergency room in the country, where Code Black situations - when there are more patients than personnel or resources to treat them all - occur an alarming 300 days a year.

The outstanding staff of this notoriously overcrowded and understaffed ER work to protect their patients and their ideals by confronting a challenged system that pushes them to their limits.

Comments (167)

01/02/19 at 04:07pm

Kinda pissed when this broke that it was being canceled love all the ER shows no matter what bring them back n stop canceling them
Edward Rahn
10/15/18 at 10:55am

Sorry to hear the show was cancelled. Hope someone picks it up.Was a great show!
09/20/18 at 11:05am

I just finished watching season 3 and CBS has to bring back the show. Otherwise Netflix should pick it up.
08/12/18 at 06:01pm

Saw where CBS is considering bringing this series back. Gee finally somebody at CBS makes an intelligent decision. This is a good show and better than a lot of the junk CBS airs.
Rose Examilotis
08/10/18 at 06:29pm

I love this show, please don't cancel the show
08/09/18 at 12:54pm

Code Black is one of my favorite shows!
08/08/18 at 02:26pm

I heard CBS is rethinking this decision. #savecodeblack!
Laurie P
07/30/18 at 04:03pm

OYE. we love this show. so sad. very disapointed.
07/30/18 at 08:47am

I thought this was a great show. Why are the good ones cancelled. Won't be watching much on CBS.
07/29/18 at 06:25am

The truth that the show never explored is that our emergency rooms along out southern border are overwhelmed (Code Black) largely due to illegal immigrants flocking to the ER for their free healthcare. The ER is not permitted to turn them away even as American citizens with insurance sit and wait for treatment in the waiting room...

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