October 30, 2018

Netflix announced today that BoJack Horseman will be returning for a sixth season. The good news, which comes six weeks after the release of Season 5, was posted on the show's official Twitter account.

The animated comedy has been quite the success story for the streaming service. Premiering back in 2014 as its first original animated comedy, the show now sits at over 60 episodes and has amassed a loyal fan base and consistently strong critical praise in each of its seasons thus far.

BoJack Horseman stars Will Arnett as a washed up 90's sitcom star who has become bitter in the years since his show ended. Hoping to get out of his funk, he plans on making a comeback but also has to deal with his on-again, off-again girlfriend, his freeloading roommate, and his former sitcom rival.

No information has been revealed regarding a release date or episode count for Season 6, though history tells us another 12 episodes in mid-to-late-2019 is likely.