November 29, 2018

Netflix cut back its superhero fare further today, cancelling Daredevil after three seasons. The somewhat surprising move comes the month after fellow Marvel entries Luke Cage and Iron Fist were also axed at the streaming service.

The reasons behind the recent cancellations are unknown, but appears clear that Netflix is making a visible effort to pare down on its Marvel-related original content. Moving forward, just two active series remain from the comic imprint: Jessica Jones and The Punisher. It is not clear if the Daredevil character will make any appearances in either of the other shows' upcoming seasons, but a statement from the streamer mentioned that the character will live on in future projects for Marvel.

Daredevil premiered back in 2015 as the first Marvel superhero series on the streaming service. It was an immediate hit, with critics and audiences alike praising its gritty atmosphere, engaging story, and exciting action. Its success paved the way for the four aforementioned series, with each earning multiple seasons of their own.

Daredevil followed attorney Matt Murdock, who was blinded as a boy in a tragic accident that also left him with extraordinary senses. Now with his law practice setup in his old New York neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen, Matt works as a respected lawyer by day and assumes the identity of the masked vigilante known as Daredevil at night.