February 27, 2019

Cinemax announced today that Strike Back has been renewed for a seventh season that will conclude the show's run. The action drama's sixth season - titled "Silent War" - is currently airing, with a finale set for the end of March.

The series is a collaboration between HBO/Cinemax and Sky in the UK. Today's pickup is actually for Season 8 overseas, as Cinemax did not begin airing the show for stateside audiences until its second season, only to air the original first season years later as Strike Back: Origins.

Today's endgame announcement is actually the second of its kind for the action drama. Originally the series was planned to end in 2015, only to be revived one year later for a new incarnation featuring an all-new cast.

Strike Back follows the adventures of the elite, multi-national, covert Section 20 team as it fights a far-reaching web of interconnected criminals and terrorists around the world. Look for the seventh and final season sometime in 2020.