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May 05, 2010 - Present




Drama / Action


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An action drama following a secret branch of the British Defense Intelligence service.

Based on a novel of the same name by former Special Air Service soldier Chris Ryan, Strike Back follows a secret branch of the British Defence Intelligence service known as Section 20. The team's missions are high risk, top priority missions that take place across the globe.

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01/16/20 at 12:54pm

I see the final Season 7 is due to start on 2/14/2020. I'm sorry Cinemax was dropped from Xfinity/Comcast's regular HD line-up and I won't be paying an additional fee/subscription to watch. Perhaps I'll buy/rent Season 7 via Amazon Prime someday, if available. This is the same for the other Cinemax shows "Jett" and "Warrior". Now I've read Cinemax is cancelling further support of its original shows. Oh well. It was good watching these shows while I could. Good luck to all the cast & crew involved.
11/01/18 at 01:34pm

New season 6 sucks!
02/17/18 at 10:40am

Just watched season 5 episode 1. It sucks bring back the old guys the new folks are awful, too phony, and can’t act.
01/30/16 at 06:15pm

Wish they would decide on a season 6. Just watched all 5 seasons and was totally drawn in. This show has so much potential to keep going, really hope it gets picked up!
06/10/15 at 08:18pm

Show is back. Still good, Wish it could be rated each week. Old system of ratings is not current of efficient way of judging its success or any other series. MKL@ML
01/04/15 at 03:05pm

Just finished watching season 3 very happy that there is a season 4. I enjoy the relationship between Scott and Stonebridge they pull me into the episode everytime! The story lines with all the cast is great. Bravo for Max putting a great show back on! Now let's get it on for season 4!!!!
11/07/14 at 01:08pm

The best Brit TV show I've ever watched.
09/30/14 at 03:51pm

Hello when will it be back, love the show. Does not bother me the repetition of how they always get in a gun fight and find a way out. All war movies are that way.
04/23/14 at 11:12pm

Really great show. Hope they stay with it. Look forward to it each week. Definitely one of my favorites.
juliet clarke
04/23/14 at 11:09am

i cant wait for season4

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