March 6, 2019

USA Network announced today that The Sinner has been picked up for a third season. Originally billed as a limited series, the Bill Pullman-starring drama has turned out to be a big hit for the cable network, with each season focusing on an all-new crime.

The Sinner premiered in 2017 and immediately made its mark both critically and in the ratings. The show ended up ranking as the top new cable series of the year, paving the way for more installments to come.

Season 1 starred Jessica Biel as a young mother who commits a shocking act of violence for no apparent reason. Investigator Harry Ambrose, played by Pullman, becomes obsessed with uncovering the woman's buried motive, and the two end up on a harrowing journey into her troubled past.

Season 2 brought back Pullman's character on a new "why-dunnit" murder case, where he returns to his hometown after a young boy kills a couple who were looking after him.

Today's Season 3 announcement confirmed that Matt Bomer will be joining the series as an upstanding Dorchester resident and father-to-be who seeks support in the wake of an accident. All we know about the main story line at this point is that Detective Ambrose uncovers a hidden crime during a routine investigation that sets him on the most dangerous case of his career.