The Sinner

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Aug 02, 2017 - Dec 01, 2021


Drama / Crime




Harry - Bill Pullman

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A drama following a young mother who commits an act of violence with no idea why.

Cora is a young mother who, after being overcome by an inexplicable fit of rage, commits a shocking act of violence with apparently no reason behind it.

When an investigator becomes obsessed with uncovering the woman's buried motive, the two end up on a harrowing journey into the depths of her psyche and the violent secrets hidden in her past.

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11/23/21 at 12:50pm

A great show but they are running out of ideas. I support it ending. Season 1 and 2 are still the best on my opinion.
Steve S.
10/28/21 at 11:57pm

I just watched 2nd episode of season 4 and I at least half expected it would be my last as the first episode was close to crossing over into the loony dimension. The second episode is coherent so it did not get into the not so fun house. It is interesting but it seems like a story that can be wrapped in the next episode. That's the challenge for The Sinner with its known slow spacey pace. The other problem is always playing back events (that may or may not have happened). Showing the past is best for clarification and not so good when constantly going there. I hope it overcomes those weak constructs.
Steve S.
10/16/21 at 08:04am

I watched the first episode of season four. I'll keep watching I think but it's hard to know if it'll be satisfying. Pullman is the same as always and plays his character well. It's probably easy for him as I bet there is a lot of his own mannerisms in Harry. But Harry is always spaced out, in his own twilight zone - which is fine - that the mystery he 's involved in is also one twilight zone story after another could bridge into ridiculousness - if it hasn't already. They put a lot into the first episode it seemed - probably saving the commercials for later. All its worthiness remains to be seen.
Steve S.
10/13/21 at 00:52am

Season 3 was a disaster to me (I altogether missed s2) so Sinner warrants no curiosity, but maybe I'll see what's up due to the paucity of shows to watch.
04/01/20 at 07:39am

03/29/20 at 02:27pm

Yup, this last one is sub-par. I think a combination of Pullman's character and the "nut job" who followed "Nick" around like a puppy dog blew it for me.
03/27/20 at 06:02pm

I agree Doug... this season was horrible.
03/21/20 at 01:07pm

This season is awful! They should have ended with last season. It’s darn near ridiculous!
09/03/18 at 06:27pm

Great new season!
09/28/17 at 02:23am

I actually really like the "limited series" format if it is done well. It gives me enough episodes to really get into a story, but not so many that the show just goes off the rails anyway!
I really liked this series. I watched it in 2 chunks. I'm not a Biel fan, but I thought she did a great job as did Bill Pullman. It was kind of slow in places, but I thought the reveals were worth it. Now that this format fits into award categories with miniseries, I will be surprised if I don't see The Sinner up for something somewhere.

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