June 4, 2019

It is being reported that Syfy has cancelled Happy! after two seasons. The not-so-happy news comes just days after the drama's sophomore finale, which now acts as its series-ender.

The show was generally well-received over the course of its run, amassing a core fanbase appreciative of its unique concept and gritty storytelling that stayed true to the source material on which it is based. But its ratings took a hit in Season 2, dipping to levels that likely sealed its fate.

Adapted from the graphic novel of the same name, Happy! stars Christopher Meloni as a corrupt ex-cop who now works as a hit man who spends his days intoxicated and adrift in a world of casual murder, meaningless sex, and betrayal. After a job goes awry, his life is forever altered by a small, relentlessly upbeat, imaginary blue winged horse, who is voiced by Patton Oswalt.