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Dec 06, 2017 - May 29, 2019




Drama / Fantasy




Nick - Christopher MeloniMeredith - Lili MirojnickPatton Oswalt - Happy

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A drama following an ex-cop whose life is changed by an imaginary blue horse.

Nick Sax is a corrupt ex-cop now working as a hit man, who is intoxicated and adrift in a world of casual murder, meaningless sex, and betrayal. After one of his jobs goes wrong, his life is forever altered by a small, relentlessly upbeat, imaginary blue winged horse named “Happy”.

Adapted from the graphic novel of the same name by Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson.

Comments (16)

11/28/20 at 11:05pm

NOOOOOOO! Sad.....now the voices are very mad. You hear them too right? I knew it...(smirks)
michael dobey
04/17/20 at 10:47pm

It's cancelled for sure. gone , just too weird for most , and I like weird but this one pushed it hard.
06/22/19 at 08:36am

Great show!! 2nd season was even better. bring it back
06/21/19 at 01:19pm

You suck Syfy. Bring Happy back
michael dobey
06/01/19 at 12:04pm

Season two was wackier than the first. I wonder if it went to wacky?;f that's possible for such a show ,for some viewers? Scy fy has not renewed it yet for a third.
12/16/18 at 10:18am

Just finished the whole season at once on Netflix, Great show never heard of the book. Glad to see it was renewed for a second season. it reminded me of few movies with the whole cartoon and human combo. And yes I said cartoon.
HAPPY! in New Jersey
01/30/18 at 02:27am

Show is so awesome. So HAPPY! that they renewed it for second season.
01/20/18 at 01:47am

I love how crazy, weird, & crude this show is. It lost me a little in episode 3 with the baby in the microwave, pretty dark. But the casting is so fantastic that I look forward to every episode. Also, really great blood splatter!
01/15/18 at 03:12pm

Stacy you took the words right out of my mouth How you describe how Wonderful awesome Scary Funny and Intense This adaptation of the graphic novel To TV has been exceptional!!!
I give this in A++ for writing originality And the acting has been incredible by all the cast!
In my opinion this is what it would be like If the first matrix movie clockwork orange and pink Floyd the wall had a baby..
01/05/18 at 12:23pm

Well, they did it! I didn't expect them to be able to follow the graphic novel due to the content but they did and it is glorious!! I absolutely love this show! Meloni as Nick is perfect and I'm really surprised how much I enjoy Patton Oswald as Happy. Usually his voice irritates me for some reason, but it works here. Fantastic job!

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