July 3, 2019

It is being reported that Hallmark Channel has picked up Good Witch for a sixth season. The good news comes less than a month into the veteran dramedy's fifth season, which premiered in June.

The original family series has continued be to a solid performer for the cable network, with this season's viewership staying more or less consistent with recent years numbers. The show ranks as Hallmark's top primetime original series.

Good Witch stars Catherine Bell as Cassie Nightingale, Middleton's favorite enchantress who shares a special intuition with her teenage daughter. When Dr. Sam Radford and his son arrive in town, they are immediately taken by their spellbinding new neighbors. Unfortunately Sam and Cassie do not see eye to eye, but Cassie uses her signature charm to try and bring everybody together.

Look for Season 6 of Good Witch in 2020.