March 30, 2021

CBS announced today that Young Sheldon has been renewed for three more seasons, which will take the comedy to at least Season 7. The good news is the second multi-season pickup for the show, which was last renewed for two seasons back in 2019.

The Chuck Lorre-created spin-off has been one of the network's top comedies since its premiere in 2017. Thanks to it being based on the early life of popular Big Bang Theory character Sheldon Cooper, the show was quick to establish a loyal fanbase. With The Big Bang Theory long over, Young Sheldon has stepped in as TV's most-watched comedy with nearly 10 million viewers each week.

Young Sheldon follows a 9-year-old Sheldon Cooper growing up in East Texas. At a young age, his advanced mathematical and scientific mind isn't necessarily helpful when living in a town where football and church get all the attention. Vulnerable, gifted and naive, Sheldon is embarking on his awkward journey toward the man he will become.