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Sep 25, 2017 - May 16, 2024








Sheldon - Iain ArmitageMary - Zoe PerryGeorge Sr. - Lance BarberMissy - Raegan RevordGeorgie Jr. - Montana Jordan

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A comedy following 9-year-old genius Sheldon Cooper growing up in East Texas.

Get to know The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Cooper in his childhood years, growing up in East Texas at age 9. At a young age, having an advanced mathematical and scientific mind isn't necessarily helpful when living in a town where football and church get all the attention. Vulnerable, gifted and naïve, Sheldon is embarking on his awkward journey toward the man he will become.

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Oliver M.
12/14/23 at 01:14pm

The character Sheldon is based off Jim Parsons actual phobias and idiosyncrasies etc. So in reality, you're poking fun of an actual person who was consulting on his reaction in that situation. Despite being slightly more embellished bbt.

And factually despite the show's popularity, Sheldon Cooper is ranked one of the most despised and obnoxious TV antagonist/anti-hero of all time. Seriously, look it up!
05/17/19 at 08:04am

Really enjoyed the season finale, especially the last scene with all the kids sleeping who will soon become Sheldon's life long friends !!
03/21/19 at 07:46pm

please don;t cancel the show i r4eally really liked it . It was the only good sitcom i liked to watch. Please do not cancel
Jennifer A Risner
02/06/19 at 10:21pm

People who hate this show:

Why do you hate it? Is it because there are no scantily clad females, no token gay character, or no violence just for the sake of violence? Is it because Christianity is portrayed in a positive light?
I think its cute. Is it going to be a long running, popular sitcom like TBBT? Doubtful. But families need friendly shows, such as this, MasterChef Jr, the Middle, even some seasons of Modern Family.
Debbie Capicho
11/15/18 at 02:56pm

this show rots and this little kid should go to church and start believing in God but go figure look who directed it. Right Jim BORING
08/24/18 at 00:17am

LOVE this family show! Most people should be able to relate to it at some level, and all the actors are great. Please keep it going!
08/23/18 at 11:39pm

I really enjoy this show, as do my grandchildren. It is a cute and funny show that we can all watch together as a family.
07/03/18 at 09:20pm

I think this is a wonderful show. No it’s not brain surgery but it’s light and fun and the child that plays young Sheldon is brilliant At mimicking Jim Parsons.
04/26/18 at 01:49pm

Great show! Characters all have distinct personalities that create interesting interaction
12/10/17 at 08:41pm

show is lame, terrible, and is a waste of time yo wath

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