May 10, 2021

ABC announced today that Station 19 has been picked up for a fifth season. The good news ensures that the 'Grey's Anatomy' spin-off will stay a part of the network's lineup for the 2021-2022 television season.

The firefighter drama was a mid-season entry when it debuted in 2018, performing well enough to be moved to the network's regular fall schedule for Season 2. While it returned to the midseason in its third season, the show was back as part of ABC's fall lineup in Season 4 and will likely remain there thanks to its solid performance alongside 'Grey's Anatomy'. Together, the two shows benefit from being set in the same universe, allowing occasional crossover episodes that boost their ratings.

Station 19 follows the crew at Seattle Fire Station 19, where everyone from the captain to the rookies puts their hearts and lives on the line regardless of whether they are on duty or off the clock. These heroic men and women are like a big family, and together they risk their lives as first responders in order to save others.