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Mar 22, 2018 - Present




Drama / Action


Andy - Jaina Lee OrtizBen - Jason GeorgeJack - Grey DamonVictoria - Barrett DossRyan - Alberto FrezzaTravis - Jay HaydenDean - Okieriete OnaodowanMaya - Danielle SavrePruitt - Miguel Sandoval

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A spin-off of Grey's Anatomy following the lives of Seattle firefighters.

At Seattle Fire Station 19, everyone from the captain to the rookies puts their hearts and lives on the line regardless of whether they are on duty or off the clock.

These heroic men and women are like a big family, and together they risk their lives as first responders in order to save others.

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03/12/21 at 01:37pm

Enjoy the show but I wish the crossover with grays would stop. I don't watch grays and not really interested.
12/12/20 at 09:51pm

I am glad this season is not like Grey's Anatomy's season 17. At least they are still having some story line to it, with the covid pandemic included. They are not coming on thick, but making us realize how responders have to deal with calls now.
05/31/20 at 05:42am

Love this show! The characters are likable and easy to care about. Wish they were better at their jobs, want to watch tough heros succeeding a bit more, but the story line keeps me going and there is some good action.
Pam Lincoln
03/14/20 at 04:23pm

I feel this show is more about sex and drug abuse.
JC Chaumer
02/16/20 at 08:54pm

This is one of the worst shows there are on TV this days, started to watch it because of the firefighters and rescuers thing, I know it is a drama and death should be part of a show like this one, but man, they should change the name from Station 19 to Grimm Ripper 19, they kill somebody in every season. 1st season, the paramedic's husband was already dead, the guy had a trauma because of it, the 2nd season, the fire chief, and the 3rd, this girl's cop friend, her dad is going thru cancer so he should be dying soon and who else will they kill before the season’s end? But, to top it off the rescuers can't rescue squat, there was an episode where they had a girl in the ambulance and the girl’s father leaves it to find something inside a dangerous place even when the firefighters told him not to and what happen? Of course, he died, was it difficult to know the outcome? Duh… NO! Everybody dies or is killed in this "killer" show. Hope the network kills it too! So long, one less viewer!
12/22/19 at 06:07pm

Nothing is fast or choppy about the show. Maybe it's your brain?!? The seasons need to have more episodes!!! They're over too quickly!
05/12/19 at 07:16am

I don’t like it when networks speed up the video of shows so they can put more commercials in. Station 19 is so choppy and hard to understand. Characters and scenery move much faster than other TV shows that are speeded up that it looks like a cartoon. You need to slow down the editing of the video for season 3 or you’ll lose more viewers!
01/03/19 at 07:14pm

I wanna see if hot rich boathouse disinherited guy goes out with mer's sis on greys, cause Jackson is a drag, always annoyed and grumpy, fire guy is fun !
10/04/18 at 07:55am

The first episode was promising, after about 3 episodes it really started to slide down the gutter rat hole. Putting the obvious Gay Agenda pushed on this show, the whole premise was ludicrous, this is not how stallion runs nor how they promote within to Captain. No Fire Dept. would leave a highly active Fire Station without a SINGLE, Clearly defined interim Captain or Temporary Captain until a new Captain was assigned.
05/20/18 at 12:12pm

I would rather be cleaning out a septic system than watch this show. But my wife likes it and forces me to watch it. This show is unrealistic in the very least, and shove gayness down your throat. These liberal as hell shows deserves to be shelved badly.

Ps before y’all hippie lovers start bashing me just let me be very clear snowflakes I don’t care. It’s a abomination, greys anatomy too. you can start bashing anything you’d like my rant is over.

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