June 3, 2022

Word is out that HBO Max has cancelled Raised by Wolves after two seasons. Star Abubakar Salim took to Twitter with the sad news, citing recent changes at WarnerMedia as a contributing factor to the cancellation. In the lengthy thread he also offered hope, stating that the production company behind the show was trying to find it a new home.

The hour-long series premiered in 2020 and has garnered solid viewership and praise from critics. It returned for Season 2 in February with an 8-episode run that concluded on March 17, with that episode now serving as its series finale.

Raised by Wolves takes place on a mysterious virgin planet, where two androids have been tasked with raising human children. As the colony of humans grows and develops, it threatens to be torn apart by religious differences - causing the androids to realize that controlling human beliefs is not an easy task.