Raised by Wolves

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Sep 03, 2020 - Present




Drama / Sci-fi


Mother - Amanda CollinFather - Abubakar SalimMarcus - Travis FimmelCampion - Winta McGrath

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A sci-fi drama following androids raising human children on a mysterious planet.

On a mysterious virgin planet, two androids have been tasked with raising human children. As the colony of humans grows and develops, it threatens to be torn apart by religious differences - causing the androids to realize that controlling human beliefs is not an easy task.

Comments (7)

03/29/22 at 05:41pm

Thought I would hate it by now but just finished season 2 and still hooked. It got better.
02/03/22 at 10:56am

I love this show.It's different but I have to admit the first part of season 1 was more interesting.
01/26/22 at 01:26pm

Apparently, according to the comments, this is a show you'll either love, or hate. That's always a good sign!
08/03/21 at 09:40am

This is just Straight up stupid. No real story direction, just a bunch of unbalanced characters bouncing off each other.
Elrich Bordan
06/03/21 at 01:55pm

masterpiece, must see show.
leigh richard haines
09/05/20 at 10:55am

one of the best shows this year....
Maria Evald
09/04/20 at 09:40am

Absolute garbage.

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