Raised by Wolves

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Sep 03, 2020 - Mar 17, 2022




Drama / Sci-fi




Mother - Amanda CollinFather - Abubakar SalimMarcus - Travis FimmelCampion - Winta McGrath

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A sci-fi drama following androids raising human children on a mysterious planet.

On a mysterious virgin planet, two androids have been tasked with raising human children. As the colony of humans grows and develops, it threatens to be torn apart by religious differences - causing the androids to realize that controlling human beliefs is not an easy task.

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07/27/22 at 02:53pm

Ok, I gave this another shot and it was really bizaare and ok. It's more a fantasy show than a sci fi show. WIth flying giant snake beings and andriods that can travel through the center of planets!. And somehow humans were on the kepler long ago worshipping sol (the sun god) before they regressed into creatures that live in giant pits. rthe acid sea is of course fantasy buy could exist on a different planet. however it once got so hot on earth that the seas were almost boiling hot and acidic . The acting is good and the show is very wacky. actually. it did need a nother season for sure. just due to it's wierdness alone.
06/21/22 at 09:41pm

Too soon, needed one more season to work out some threads, maybe someone else will pic it up
06/17/22 at 03:46pm

This is a great show, makes me sad HBO didn't even have the decentsy to give it a proper ending
03/29/22 at 05:41pm

Thought I would hate it by now but just finished season 2 and still hooked. It got better.
02/03/22 at 10:56am

I love this show.It's different but I have to admit the first part of season 1 was more interesting.
01/26/22 at 01:26pm

Apparently, according to the comments, this is a show you'll either love, or hate. That's always a good sign!
08/03/21 at 09:40am

This is just Straight up stupid. No real story direction, just a bunch of unbalanced characters bouncing off each other.
Elrich Bordan
06/03/21 at 01:55pm

masterpiece, must see show.
leigh richard haines
09/05/20 at 10:55am

one of the best shows this year....
Maria Evald
09/04/20 at 09:40am

Absolute garbage.

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