June 2, 2023

TBS has finally announced a new premiere date for the long-awaited fourth season of Miracle Workers. While the network initially had the premiere set for January, the show was abruptly pulled from the schedule with no explanation other than TBS could better support it later in the year. We now have a new confirmed date for Season 4: July 10.

The anthology series - the network's last remaining live-action original - is structured in a format that allows it to tell a new story each time out. Season 1 was based on Simon Rich's novel 'What in God's Name,' while Season 2, subtitled 'Dark Ages,' featured the same four main cast members in a medieval setting as a group of villagers navigating life in time of inequality and misinformation. Season 3's 'Oregon Trail' was set in the American West around the mid-1800s with a small-town preacher teaming up with a wanted outlaw and a liberated prairie wife to lead a wagon train west.

The upcoming season, dubbed 'Miracle Workers: End Times,' will be set in a dystopian future following a wasteland warrior and a ruthless warlord who settle down in the suburbs. Together they'll face navigating the existential horrors of married life and small town living - all under the guidance of a wealthy junk trader.