Miracle Workers

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Feb 12, 2019 - Aug 28, 2023








Craig - Daniel RadcliffeEliza - Geraldine ViswanathanSanjay - Karan SoniSam - Jon BassLaura - Sasha CompereRosie - Lolly AdefopeGod - Steve BuscemiGail - Angela Kinsey

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An anthology comedy based on the writings of humorist Simon Rich.

Season 1 follows Craig, a low-level angel in heaven whose job is to handle all of humanity's prayers. To prevent the destruction of Earth, Craig and a fellow angel have to find a way to make a miracle happen by helping two humans fall in love.

Season 2 is a medieval tale set during the dark ages, following a group of villagers trying to stay positive in a time of inequality.

Season 3 is set in 1844, following a small-town preacher who teams up with a wanted outlaw and a liberated prairie wife to lead a wagon train west on the Oregon Trail.

Comments (9)

02/09/24 at 01:25pm

It was always funny. Now kaput like all tbs shows.
10/15/23 at 09:49am

Someone please kill it before it lays another egg and season 5 is hatched!
01/16/23 at 08:04am

It's not premiering tonight with a note - COMING SOON!!!
07/21/21 at 04:05pm

Well, I am back to review Season 3. I hated season one, found season 2 somewhat funny, but this season is very funny, very dark and well acted. Everyone seems so natural in their roles -- but Daniel Radcliffe just kills it as a minister. I think they finally found their writing niche.
07/13/21 at 09:22am

Seeing as how each season is a different show almost I am going to give it a chance. Season one was bland and not worth it. Don't watch season one. Don't judge it by season one. Season 2 was some of the greatest writing on tv. The jokes make every person who get it laugh.
This show isn't for everyone. It doesn't have a laugh track to follow along with. The actors don't give unnatural pauses to allow people to ponder if the line was a joke and audio cues that it was. The jokes are dry and can be missed. They make fun of modern society but in the context of the ancient setting.
11/15/19 at 09:03pm

I feel like the dry and dark humor is lost on many but I found it rather enjoyable.
03/15/19 at 12:52pm

Watched exactly 3 episodes of this gawd awful show, and didn't return for more. The writing just got worse and worse as the episodes aired. Radcliffe and Buscemi must really need the money to be in this horrid series, as it didn't produce even one good laugh. Ugh.
Teena Lagree
03/02/19 at 10:14pm

I'm watching this ONLY for Daniel Radcliffe and he is really the only awesome thing about it. The writing is not all that funny.
02/22/19 at 07:56am

I tried, because I like Daniel Radcliffe and Steve Buscemi in just about anything -- but not this. It was just too weird for me and the jokes aren't funny nor is the premise. Oh well, maybe others will like it.

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