Days of Our Lives

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Nov 08, 1965 - Present






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A daytime soap opera following the lives of multiple families in the town of Salem.

On the air since 1965, the series revolves around the tragedies and triumphs of the Horton, Brady, and DiMera families, along with other upper and middle-class citizens in the Midwestern town of Salem.

Comments (38)

01/17/17 at 06:27am

Watched since 1990... Keep it going or if you end it, do so in a spectacular way.
Susan DonBrosky
01/16/17 at 06:31am

Please don't cancel Days I have been watching it for years
01/14/17 at 05:17pm

Please don't cancel days I watch everyday and have been since I was a teenager I Dvr it everyday
01/11/17 at 12:07pm

Bo need to return if this is it to finish the show,megan kelly going get higher ratings they want her go against the talk julie chen show,,she beat them...harry county jr are be cancel and days of our lives are to take his spot they get higher ratings than him...he dont do nothing big but same old crap everyday backing it up and washup stars talking smack.
01/09/17 at 04:58pm

Please don't cancel this show. I have watched this show since I was 10 and I'm 49 this year. I think you should demand a recount on the ratings, dimpled chads and all. Thank you in advance for your reconsideration.
01/09/17 at 03:52pm

Please please don't take off it just heart breaking love this show I never miss it
01/09/17 at 01:33pm

Please don't cancel days of our lives for another talk show there are too many now, Ihave been a fan forever , I DVR it everyday , DONT CANCEL IT !!!!
Tammy Purvis
01/08/17 at 07:51pm

Please don't cancel Days of Our Lives. I tape the show and watch when I get home. I love this show. There are to many talk shows on the air already. If she must be on the air,then put her on at a different time slot. Days should never be taken off the air, ever.
Mary Rousselle
01/08/17 at 07:39pm

We love Days of Our Lives. Me and my daughter and granddaughter watch it every day. We dvr it so we can watch it when we get home from work. We don't need anymore news shows. Tell Miss Kelly she can go to a different channel or different time. Wont be watching her if we lose Days of Our Lives
01/08/17 at 06:27pm

Please don't cancel Days. Who wants another talk show? I have been watching since I was in the womb. Seriously, I grew up with Days and it''s my 1 hour of escapism.

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