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Nov 14, 1988 - Dec 20, 2018








Murphy - Candice BergenCorky - Faith FordPhil - Pat CorleyJim - Charles KimbroughEldin - Robert PastorelliFrank - Joe Regalbuto

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A comedy following the life of a famous investigative journalist and news anchor.

Murphy Brown is the outspoken star investigative reporter for F.Y.I., a Washington, D.C.-based television news magazine. Once an alcoholic, her sobriety is regularly tested by the chaotic atmosphere inside the F.Y.I. newsroom.

On camera, she is smart, sharp, and tough; while off camera she is intriguingly flawed. When not dealing with her eccentric cast of co-workers, she works to deal with personal and professional issues.

Comments (29)

01/29/20 at 11:13pm

I guess not many people wanted to see the leading lady walking around using a walker.
Don Thanos
05/15/19 at 09:10am

HAHAHA!!! Stupid, crappy, lib-tard, Woke-SJW, crap for a show. All it was, was a show made specifically to bash President Trump. Crappy, lazy, politically-infused writing.

Buh bye!!
03/09/19 at 07:43am

No worries Murphy Brown Cast! You are all survivors. There's always room for you on The Alec Baldwin Show! Oh...Wait... (Sarcasm)
02/25/19 at 06:26pm

LOVE this show. Certainly hope it's on for years to come.The Trump bashing is perfect. In two years, he has lied OVER 8,000 times and can be proven.
Only The Truth
02/24/19 at 04:27pm

You can tell how well a show will do based on how well it's written, how well it's directed, and how well it's acted. Had Murphy Brown brought back it's original writers, it may have succeeded. Instead, you had a poorly written, poorly acted program that was thrown together without consideration for quality, only Trump bashing. That's not the basis for any successful show any more than bashing Hillary is.
02/06/19 at 08:57am

You DO know this train wreck of a show has been cancelled, right?
01/31/19 at 08:28pm

Terrible show. I will not buy products from any company that will sponsor this show.
01/29/19 at 09:40pm

Wow, so much negativity. If I decide a show doesn't float my boat. I just don't watch it. The show found its rhythm & reminds me not to take myself so seriously.
01/24/19 at 09:52am

Is this show cancelled or not? I've never seen so many conflicting reports.
12/28/18 at 11:16pm

Officially the show isn’t cancelled. At this time, CBS has only announced that they will not extend the current season past its 13 episode order. They are still considering renewal for next fall. Will have to wait and see what happens.

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