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Nov 14, 1988 - Dec 20, 2018








Murphy - Candice BergenCorky - Faith FordPhil - Pat CorleyJim - Charles KimbroughEldin - Robert PastorelliFrank - Joe Regalbuto

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A comedy following the life of a famous investigative journalist and news anchor.

Murphy Brown is the outspoken star investigative reporter for F.Y.I., a Washington, D.C.-based television news magazine. Once an alcoholic, her sobriety is regularly tested by the chaotic atmosphere inside the F.Y.I. newsroom.

On camera, she is smart, sharp, and tough; while off camera she is intriguingly flawed. When not dealing with her eccentric cast of co-workers, she works to deal with personal and professional issues.

Comments (29)

12/27/18 at 01:58pm

I find it interesting that this website has not officially published the cancellation of this show. They are usually the first to report it, but they seem to be dragging their feet on this one.
12/22/18 at 08:03am

Candice Bergan has got to be one of the worst actresses every to have a prime time show. If she would just have not spoken a word, the show would have been tolerable.
John M Allen
12/21/18 at 08:19pm

Whatever happened to comedians and/or sitcoms poking fun at ALL politicians; like Bob Hope and Johnny Carson used to do??? Even in "Last Man Standing," despite the more Conservative tilt, there are notable Liberal jabs at Conservatives. Fair & Balanced; that's how to administer the WHOLE country its proper dose of political funnybusiness. I have been a Murphy Brown viewer this Fall only to see just how pedestrian the so-called humor will be. So far, it's about as unfunny as I expected it would be. The little dog is the most engaging and least predictable character on the show. Finally, I can't tell from viewer comments and the statements of this website whether or not the show is really cancelled.
12/05/18 at 06:49pm

I loved the show and am sorry to see it cancelled. The people who commented about Trump bashing... WOW really!!!! I find it hard to understand how restating his comments or tweets and pointing out that it is inaccurate or that he is a bully is TRUMP Bashing. The worst president in history and biggest bully. If it means being compassionate, against bullies, and loving my neighbor (exactly what Jesus instructed) then I am so happy to be considered a liberal and will truly miss this show and appreciate the writing. Loved that they wrote it with her son all grown up and also a reporter.
12/01/18 at 06:48pm

I knew this show would die quickly and all I can say is they got what they deserved with that crap.
12/01/18 at 09:55am

11/30/18 at 06:59am

Totally tiresome and un-funny defense of corrupt left wing media
11/30/18 at 03:18am

It's been cancelled. Knew it was doomed after 5 min, changed the channel and watch reruns of something less toxic. Waste of time. Big fan of first time, not at all at this attempt. Stop rehashing the old and get creative. If you spent as much time being creative instead of trying to run my person life they might get a series renewed.
11/29/18 at 10:10pm

The only reason this show came back was to bash President Trump.
Susan Fields
11/29/18 at 04:29pm

Saw on the morning news this show will not be picked up. Thank you CBS for showing that most of Americans are tried of this crap being forced how we are supposed to think. Actors wake up, you are here to entertain, not to influence how we are suppose to think. If actors want to make a difference, stop acting, and run for office. LOL!!! Can't give up the money or the power they think they have.

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