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Apr 12, 2005 - Present




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A reality series documenting Alaskan crab fishing - one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

Deadliest Catch takes cameras aboard crab fishing boats on the vast Bering Sea during two of the most dangerous seasons - fishing for king crab in October and for opilio crab in January.

The series captures the perils faced by the crew on the decks of these vessels, as they must work in cold and stormy weather to wrangle thousands of pounds of crab.

Comments (10)

05/05/23 at 08:05am

Always loved this show, but this season looks scripted. Jacob looks like he's there for reality television.
Just Keith
04/19/22 at 04:53am

The Deadliest Snatch: CRABS
06/07/16 at 10:25pm

I like the show. Prefer to watch the replays. Replays don't have the annoying hashtags in the upper right corner. Unfortunately it still has the annoying discovery logo in the lower right corner.
11/27/12 at 12:10pm

great show cant wait till next season
05/16/12 at 05:50am

Love the show and all the guys.I would sign up if I did'nt spend the whole time throwing they compensate the fishermen for the shows?..............I know the camera crew gets in their way a lot.
02/17/12 at 06:24am

hey im looking 4 job to take care my family are u guys hiring
02/10/12 at 11:44pm

Yes! New season starting in April!
phyllis rosenstengel
01/26/12 at 07:04pm

when will the new season start
01/11/12 at 00:18am

These men are truly amazing. They are out fishing now...hope they are all safe!
11/12/11 at 04:00pm

Great show!

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