• The final episodes of Supernatural premiere on Thursday, Oct 8 at 8:00pm.


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Sep 13, 2005 - Present


The CW


Drama / Fantasy




Sam - Jared PadaleckiDean - Jensen AcklesJohn - Jeffrey Dean MorganMary - Samantha SmithAzazel - Fredric LehneBobby - Jim BeaverEllen - Samantha FerrisJo - Alona Tal

A drama about brothers who hunt demons and other paranormal figures.

Sam and Dean Winchester are two brothers who, as children, lost their mother in a fire that had supernatural elements involved. The boys' father, now devoted to finding out the truth about what killed his wife, takes his sons on the road with him and teaches them to fight evil.

While Sam eventually left his life as a hunter to attend college, Dean remained with their father to help fight demons. When their father suddenly disappears, Dean seeks Sam's assistance to find him, and the brothers journey out together to investigate paranormal events and other unexplained phenomenon.

Comments (74)

07/11/20 at 07:55pm

Love this show and the actors in it. I am sad to see it will be ending after all of this time but I am sure the last season will be something great.
05/14/20 at 05:35pm

I ment to say supernatural been on for 20 years
05/14/20 at 05:34pm

Supernatural been on for 15 years 2005 - 2020 it time they there final bow and just like arrow was 2012-2020 and went out with a BANG Supernatural will go out with a BANG it’s time to say r goodbyes
05/14/20 at 05:25pm

I mean it on season 15 they had a good run just like arrow but eventually everything must come to an end
05/20/19 at 05:42am

Oops autocorrect- was supposed to be Lucifer
05/20/19 at 05:41am

This was the saddest TV news. Arrow and Supernatural to end - what is wrong with CW. Well, maybe like Lucile’s there is a chance that Netflix picks it up.
03/31/19 at 06:42am

Why is all the good shows go off the air? I think ut sucks you are all ready takeing another show off the air to that was one of the best shows so was Super Natural I liked them both if u take the shows off I will not be watching CW any more you suck for getting people to love the shows then u take them off it is not right....
03/22/19 at 03:02pm

Good-bye Supernatural :(
09/22/18 at 07:01pm

i love this show plz keep it going yes they renewed it for season 14 but is it going to stop right there after season 14 is done if so it be sad to see it go this is one of the best shows I have watched I hate how the end of season 13 ended with that mean ark angel took over dean after dean only agreed for him to take his visel just to fight Lucifer and save deans brother and jack from him and to kill him and once that was done the deal was to leave dean but that didn't happened the stuiped ark angel took over I wonder what will happen in the next season hope they will get dean back and kill the ark angel that took over dean
Parish J
05/02/18 at 07:44am

All I can say that has been a helluva ride! Loved it with the exception of the Season with the Leviathans...........that Season was really stupid & useless
It's going to be like saying goodbye to an old friend on Episode 14. Will be sad to see it go, but must say goodbye to all good things. Hope they end it on a good note, not Sam a Lucifer rolling around on the ground like a couple if Kindergartners fighting and falling into a pit!

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