Destination Truth

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Jun 06, 2007 - Aug 14, 2012








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A paranormal reality series that investigates paranormal sightings of all types of supernatural creatures.

Destination Truth follows paranormal investigator Josh Gates as he and his team travel around the world looking into the truth behind paranormal sightings.

Whether it's Bigfoot, ghosts, or vampires, the team uses their expertise to help determine if there is any truth to the claims or if they are purely based on myth alone.

Comments (148)

10/01/19 at 10:02pm

This was my favorite show ever. BRING THE SHOW BACK!!!
Mildred Bledsoe
04/23/19 at 10:30am

06/19/18 at 09:44am

i dont watch amything on television anymore. so one night i fount dt and actually looked forward to seeing it in fact i even dvrd it if i knew i would have to miss an episode. whoever cancelled this show was not thinking clearly. back to no more tv for me.....thanks
06/13/18 at 04:28pm

Come on! I loved watching the multiple episodes on Friday nights. I miss this show!!
Elsie Dobranski
03/18/17 at 10:19pm

We really miss Destination Truth and really wish it would come back,
Rebecca Gebhart
09/23/16 at 11:39am

I miss Destination truth. Wish it would come back! I really got a kick out of Josh and his crew.
Not only that it had at times suspenseful, really looked forward to it every week.
Would love to here it's coming back...
Rebecca Gebhart
03/21/16 at 03:39am

Destination truth is without a doubt my favorite show n since its cancelled, ima have to buy the dvds. Tthey never get old
john comer
02/21/16 at 05:58pm

Destination Truth was entertaining and the new show expedition unknown is not as good ! He needs his team for the interaction and humor !
Put the show Destination Truth back on the Air!
John Comer
Eric Watson
10/08/15 at 00:06am

Why was the show cancelled ? It was the only show worth watching on cable I pay over a hundred and fifty dollars a month and all we get is music channels and boring shows and news and it's making everyone fall asleep by seven o'clock all the best shows they cancel and leave these shows that pose as reality but are just people so what can we do to to bring back destination truth who do we have to contact and make it happen it was the only show we watched and now I just wanna cancel cable which I'm going to do so I may as well pay I and get my systems then what tellatubbies if we all make our selves heard we can get this show back on so write in and ask so someone listens. Anyone else feel this way ?
Christopher Mathews
10/07/15 at 09:29pm

I really wish that destination truth would come back. Expedition Unknown kinda sucks.

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