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Oct 03, 2007 - Jun 13, 2009








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A storybook-like drama that tells the tale of a pie-maker gifted with the ability to bring dead things back to life.

All Ned has to do to bring a deceased person back to life is touch them. The catch is he must kill them by touching them again before one minute is up, or else someone else will die in their place.

The love of Ned's life, Chuck, is somebody he once brought back to life. Now he must be careful to never touch her again, or else their time together will end for good.

In late 2008, ABC canceled Pushing Daisies after 22 episodes spanning two seasons.

Comments (7)

09/13/14 at 10:43am

I loved this show, ounce again another great show that was not given a chance. most people i know that watched it liked it. and the ones i told about it said they would have had they had any idea of what the show was about. BRING IT BACK! GET RID OF SOME OF THESE TIRESOME, BORING, REALITY SHOWS.
10/08/13 at 10:46pm

Loved this show makes me sad it's gone :( BRING IT BACK
05/21/13 at 11:54am

once again enjoyed it while it lasted and once again i was robbed of a good show....oh wait poligamy usa is on just what i wanna watch freakish mormons
02/05/13 at 02:59pm

Loved this show. Was so fun and enjoyae. Quirky and spirited. Needs to be brought back. Too many typical reality shows and same ol same ol routine cops and bad guys, drama and love. I loved the energy the color the rhyming.
01/28/13 at 00:40am

RIP Pushing Daisies! A show that was killed by the writers strike.... :( Ned bring it back to life.
10/15/12 at 06:20pm

Fun Campy Show that gave the viewer a break from the Norm..!!
Network Nitwits at it again..!!
03/19/12 at 00:46am

My girlfriend loved this show, in fact she is still piss about her cancellation. Also the strike really killed their ratings. let me know when a similar show comes on the air, witty, clean and in some ways similar to what shows used to be many moons ago

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