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Oct 03, 2008 - Dec 30, 2011




Drama / Sci-fi




Dr. Helen Magnus - Amanda TappingDr. Will Zimmerman - Robin DunneAshley Magnus - Emilie UllerupHenry Foss - Ryan RobbinsBigfoot - Christopher Heyerdahl

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Sanctuary is a Canadian science fiction/fantasy webisode/television series starring Amanda Tapping of Stargate fame.

Sanctuary follows Dr. Helen Magnus and her quest to protect people and creatures that are "abnormal" . "The Sanctuary" is a safe haven for these "abnormals". Helen is assisted in her quest by Will Zimmerman, her daughter Ashley, computer expert Henry Foss, and an "abnormal" called "Big Foot".

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04/26/14 at 09:27pm

This was a great show and it really makes me mad that every show I really enjoy gets canceled so that some stupid mindless crap show can take it's place. I got a PVR so that I would not miss any of my shows but with crap like this I am down to only a few shows per week. Now at least three of them are looking like they will be pulled off the air too, makes me wonder why I pay for TV at all?
03/02/14 at 10:27am

Unbelievable was looking forward to a new season ... :( I loved this show !!!
09/14/13 at 04:26pm

Sancturay is it coming back (PLEASE) just sayw a rerun of one today are you guys getting our hopes up?
12/26/12 at 02:25am

I agree with the other posts, there are no good SciFi shows left anymore. I don't watch reality shows, never have, never will. At this point there isn't a show on the SyFy channel worth watching in my opinion.
12/09/12 at 08:16pm

How about cancelling the horror flicks? or the ludicrous 'wrestling' series? or the endless reruns of cheesy America/European creature features?

How many people actually watch your ghost & paranormal series? What happened to SciFi the cable channel we could count on to pick up all the terrific sci-fi shows that Prime Time TV would cancel because they couldn't compete with Prancing with the Stars or Real Housefraus of Berlin, New Jersey?

I miss the Sci-Fi Channel...
10/02/12 at 03:11pm

Finally cancelled! Been waiting on this news since they ****ed everything up from s2 and on. I'm not sad at all, au contraire :P bye bye Sanctuary, now move so a better show can be aired
08/28/12 at 09:58am

Come on SyFy, this is a good show, don't start like all these other networks and push reality shows on us, is bad enough that on a personal note most of our on personal lives suck, on top of that we have to see on tv some celebrity open up their life and dirty laundry for everyone to see.please bring it back..
07/06/12 at 12:56pm

I hope it gets renewed. It is an interesting show. The good shows always get cancelled. I am pretty sure there are material for a few more seasons.
06/03/12 at 07:38pm

I hope it gets renewed as well!
It's an interesting show and there are almost nothing good left!
Please ReNeW!!!
David Voila
05/21/12 at 01:40pm

SyFy did not renew Sanctuary for Season 5. Link from

Damn. All the good ones are being dropped.

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