The Celebrity Apprentice

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Jan 03, 2008 - Feb 13, 2017








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A competition series where celebrities compete in business-related challenges to win money for charity.

A spin-off of the original Apprentice, this series follows two teams of celebrities as they compete for their favorite charities. Overseeing the boardroom is Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In each episodes, the celebrity teams pick a project manager who leads them in completing a business-related task that usually involves promoting a new product of a successful company. Using their combined skills, each teams works to earn the most money or put forth the best product promotion.

Comments (2)

10/23/17 at 06:05pm

Everything even associated with Trump sucks! They shouldn't have allowed him to still be executive producer of the show, that's what killed it. Even if Arnold was good, the show was doomed with Trump's stink all over it. The moron imploded his own show.
08/07/17 at 07:29am

Well, this is a no brainer. Arnold sucked as the host.

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