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Sep 17, 2009 - Oct 11, 2023






Archer - H. Jon BenjaminCheryl - Judy GreerChris - Chris ParnellLana - Aisha TylerMalory - Jessica WalterWoodhouse - George CoePam - Amber NashDr. Krieger - Lucky Yates

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An animated comedy following the employees of an international spy agency.

Sterling Archer works for the International Secret Intelligence Service - or ISIS. Although he works as a spy specializing in global espionage, he actually prefers the perks that come with being a secret agent - fast cars, spy toys, and women.

He and his cohorts at ISIS must not only battle espionage, but also each other.

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12/28/19 at 06:53pm

I just read that apparently all FX channels and shows are going to be leaving TV and going to Hulu. This means no more Archer, American Horror Story or good movies. A horrible move on Disney's part (who owns FX and Hulu), and a very sad move for for us viewers and fans. All the good stuff is leaving tv forcing us to pay even more money to watch on tiny screens where we can't see anything. These are not good changes for anyone except the horrible streaming companies which rip us off and give bad service (always buffering, glitching and crashing). I'm surprised this information hasn't made it to this site yet since it was announced at the beginning of November and will take effect in March 2020.
10/08/19 at 05:51pm

awesome show! one of my faves! but @realitytvsuks this show is most definitely NOT for kids! what are you watching (or smokin)??!
09/02/19 at 05:51pm

Its been funny as hell ....

they all crack me up .....glad for season 11 ...should been more .... But for it to be renewed for a ten season initially and get another that's good going .....

anyone else think it was over after season ten do all know Adam was leaving show?
08/13/16 at 06:19am

Love this show... in way is it for kids, but it's fantastic for adults... Pam and cheryl Crack me up
03/07/15 at 08:40pm

One of the funniest shows on TV now.
08/05/14 at 07:31am

One of the funniest shows ever! Even though season 5 'Archer Vice' isn't up to par, IMO, It's still LOL hilarious. I was happy to learn that season 6 is going back to the spy format. Never want this show to end!
05/27/13 at 06:12pm

This show climaxed (pun intended) in the Space Race episodes, freaking hilarious. Then it's been downhill since then, something is missing.
Dave Campbell
05/15/12 at 09:29pm

this show is hilarious and raunchy. I love it!

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