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Mar 09, 2009 - May 16, 2016




Drama / Crime




Castle - Nathan FillionDt. Beckett - Stana KaticMartha - Susan SullivanRoy - Ruben Santiago-HudsonAlexis - Molly QuinnDt. Esposito - Jon HuertasDr. Parish - Tamala JonesDt. Ryan - Seamus Dever

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Richard Castle is a well known murder-mystery author who discovers that a murderer is killing people in the same fashions as described in his books.

Castle has just killed off his main character, however it appears as if one of his fans liked his books a bit too much when the murders are linked back to his novels. After questioning by police, Richard Castle joins forces with Detective Kate Beckett to solve the case.

Finding inspiration from his new partner, he starts to shadow her investigations, where he offers his knowledge to assist in solving other murders in New York City.

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05/22/16 at 11:33am

My husband, Mom and myself have been Castle fans since the very first episode of the first season. I was sadden to hear they were cancelling the show. I LOVE that show and am a big Nathan Fillian fan. But I can watch Castle whenever I choose because I've started collecting the seasons on DVD. :-) There isn't one season I don't like--yes, that includes season 8 which seems to be getting a bad rap. Now, to talk about the final episode....I liked it! When I saw Bekett and Castle get shot and she crawled over to grab hold of his hand and they panned backward to show them lying there, bleeding, on the floor, I thought, "NO! They can't di! You can't end it like that!" I was very happy to see the "Seven years later" come on the screen and was smiling when they showed the credits. I really liked the ending. Farewell to a great show, it will be missed.
Private Detective
05/20/16 at 11:27am

"Seven Years Later"? Not exactly the sort of ending I expected, but it was better then leaving them to die and wonder from that moment forward. Richard and Kate with three children (two boys, one girl). Whatever happened with Kate going on to become Senator Beckett, as prophesied by "Simon Doyle"(Joshua Gomez from "Chuck") in Season 6, episode 5? Oh well.
05/19/16 at 12:53pm

Huge Nathan Fillion fan... love the show. One bad season shouldn't be a game ender!
JD in the OC
05/19/16 at 08:13am

I could never get used to her still calling him Castle and him calling her Beckett.........not in any marriage I've ever known. I'm 75, ex-Navy and a socializer.
05/19/16 at 07:34am

I've been a fan since Season 2 and am sad to see it go. The cast was great and i loved how Castle & Bekett always escaped disaster. However this season with Locsat made it lose the show's cute quirkiness....
But the most disappointing thing was the finale, finale where they threw in that last scene of, "Seven years later". Dumb. They should have left the couple dying on the floor and left us wondering if they survived.
Private Detective
05/16/16 at 11:21am

Killing off characters has become the accepted norm in Hollywood to end an outstanding TV series. Whatever happened to leaving all the characters still breathing and riding off into the sunset, so-to-speak? Why not leave it to our imaginations to continue the adventures after that?
CB Conley
05/15/16 at 01:22pm

Once again ABC cans one of the last shows on their network I watch. Marvel's Agents of Shield is the one remaining show my wife and I watch on ABC. Still, 8 seasons is a great run for a show these days. I will miss the cast.
05/14/16 at 02:54pm

I think they should have ended the show when Becket and Castle got married. The whole season of them pretending not to be married was painful to watch and really quite irritating after waiting 6 seasons to see them finally get together. I'm glad they decided to cancel the series because it would have just been stupid to continue the show without Becket. I wouldn't even have watched it.
05/13/16 at 02:52pm

It should have ended last season and I sincerely hope has a good ending when it finishes this year. This season has stunk on ice with Castle and Beckett being separated (so lame). Let them ride their motorcycles off into the sunset! Thank you ABC -- I am getting closer to not having any shows on your network!!
05/12/16 at 07:34pm

OT: Lizzie isnt't dead (Blacklist)

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