The Middle

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Sep 30, 2009 - May 22, 2018








Frankie - Patricia HeatonMike - Neil FlynnBob - Chris KattanSue - Eden SherMcDermott - Axl,Charlie

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A comedy following a middle-aged, middle class wife and mother who's stuck in the middle of all her family's chaos.

Frankie and her husband Mike have always lived in Orson, Indiana. Frankie sells used cars at the local dealership, while Mike manages the town quarry and.

Frankie might not be a big-time career woman, but she'll do anything for her husband and three kids. While some fight to get to the top and others fight to keep from hitting bottom, Frankie and her family are happy being in The Middle.

Comments (14)

10/13/12 at 10:11pm

Great show never miss an episode looking forward to the new series when it returns soon in Tasmania
05/16/12 at 05:26am

This show is AWFUL!! It is NOT innovative, it is NOT funny, and it should be removed from television. It is just so hard to watch shows like this!! Get rid of it ABC!!
04/14/12 at 07:14am

Risa, you love the show but aren't going to watch anymore because heaton tweeted something you didn't like? As with many other things you have to take the good with the bad. Watch the show because you like it and ignore her tweets. Its possible to do both.
03/06/12 at 06:26am

Love The Middle-acting and writing are great(unlike Modern Family where the writing is ho-hum). I have to stop watching though because of Patricia Heaton's mean tweets. Zero tolerance for mean/bullies. Oh well.....

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