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Sep 30, 2009 - May 22, 2018








Frankie - Patricia HeatonMike - Neil FlynnBob - Chris KattanSue - Eden SherMcDermott - Axl,Charlie

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A comedy following a middle-aged, middle class wife and mother who's stuck in the middle of all her family's chaos.

Frankie and her husband Mike have always lived in Orson, Indiana. Frankie sells used cars at the local dealership, while Mike manages the town quarry and.

Frankie might not be a big-time career woman, but she'll do anything for her husband and three kids. While some fight to get to the top and others fight to keep from hitting bottom, Frankie and her family are happy being in The Middle.

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01/05/17 at 08:23pm

This show feels rejuvenated for season 8. I think it is because the executives at ABC renewed it in early March last year instead of waiting until May. It gave the producers and writer the confidence to take chances. I would tell all TV executives to renew shows as early as possible, it actually causes the quality of shows to go up.
Judith adams
09/29/16 at 07:38am

Has it been renewed for this season? I haven't seen it yet.
01/16/16 at 10:30am

My previous post was a little harsh. I will say this, the casting and chemistry was pitch perfect. They made us actually believe they were a real family from Indiana. Even the secondary characters were well written.
Marsha Mason and Jerry Van Dyke as Frankie's parents were fantastic, Jeanette Miller as Aunt Edie was hilarious and Norm McDonald of all people was heartbreaking as Uncle Rusty. Chris Kattan, Brian Doyle-Murray and Brock Ciarlelli were also a part of a tapestry of brilliant character actors. I still believe the show should end but I hope they wrap a nice bow on it in May and allow the show to ascend to that big Hoosier pie in the sky.
01/14/16 at 11:14am

Alas, this show has passed its peak. The dialogue is usually good but they seem to have run out of ideas. We know that Frankie and Mike both have jobs but how many times have we seen the kids come home from school and Frankie will be home reading People magazine or Mike will be home drinking beer. I don't think Mike has actually worked at the quarry since season 4. People that live paycheck to paycheck are not sitting at home in the middle of the day drinking beer or reading People magazine. The show had a really good run, especially Eden Sher, but its time to end.
05/20/15 at 02:39pm

really think the show would be really good, if you get rid of patricia heaton, she never was funny on anything
02/14/15 at 06:21pm

I haven't seen anything about Heaton's tweets, but if someone has integrity and doesn't watch the show b/c of that then that is nobody's business. I love the show, but respect someone else's choice to not watch because they won't support an actor/actress.
Kaitlin Ann-Marie
10/16/14 at 05:24pm

This show is good. Stop talking trash about Patricia Heaton. She is beautiful, good-hearted, and absolutely hilarious. You are all just jealous. Everybody makes mistakes. News flash: GET OVER IT. We all have done things we regret and YOU KNOW IT. Even so, the show is funny. You should still watch it if you like it.It makes me so angry when people like you are on the internet. ESPECIALLY YOU REBORN24 AND JOHN!
06/06/14 at 05:38am

Why is this horrible show still on the air while a good one like Suburgatory is cancelled??
05/10/14 at 00:28am

I love this show!!!! It's so different and more brilliant than any other show. KEEP THEM COMING!!!!!
11/19/13 at 02:22am

Can't watch it . Writing is trite, the characters are offensive, Patricia Heaton has lost it. Someone tell her "It's not Raymond anymore!" If the race was different, the NAACP and Operation PUSH would be calling for a sponsor boycott. Just White Trash BAD.

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