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Sep 20, 2010 - May 16, 2016








Mike - Billy GardellMolly - Melissa McCarthyCarl - Reno WilsonVictoria - Katy MixonSamuel - Nyambi NyambiJoyce - Swoosie KurtzPeggy - Rondi ReedVince - Louis MustilloRosetta - Cleo KingHarry - David Anthony Higgins

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A sitcom following a newly dating overweight couple.

Mike Biggs is a police officer living in Chicago, who also happens to be trying to lose some weight. Molly Flynn is a a fourth-grade teacher also watching her eating habits. When the two meet at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting, they hit it off.

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09/25/17 at 01:10pm

Man I loved this show, it funny and more like real life then any of the other shows...please bring Mike & Molly back...they had the best cast you could ever find...makes no sense to take this show off the air....we should all write in and demand Mike & Molly back to be brought back
08/05/17 at 10:13am

This was one of the funniest shows ever, they keep making asinine decisions to remove extremely funny shows with great comedic minds, with a basis, and heart. this show had a piece of what every show tackles as well as the love and comedy that we so desperately need.. PLEASE bring this show back if possible.. I do love the sister as she is now on American Mom, but this show is classic!
Not Keemstar
07/10/16 at 01:49pm

The decisions a lot of people nowadays are absolutely stupid. Not only that, the REASONS for making certain decisions can be absolutely mortifying. A movie such as Norm of the North (that was originally going to be a straight to DVD movie), makes a theatrical release, yet an amazing show such as Mike and Molly gets cancelled BECAUSE THEY LOST WEIGHT. I get it. The show is about an overweight couple... but if anything... the network should be happy they lost weight. These SJWs are getting a little bit out of hand... don't you think? (Norm of the North has nothing to do with SJWs by the way) Ok now I feel like i'm rambling...
Carla & Ray McDonald
06/27/16 at 10:53am

One of the truly funny comedies left on TV, of COURSE they would cancel it. Idiots.
scott cook
06/20/16 at 09:19pm

you d** a** h**** cannet you see when got a good thing going
05/16/16 at 10:36pm

Please reconsider This is a great show
05/14/16 at 00:00am

Never, ever do this type of thing...I've loved Mike & Molly since day one and I think it's a shame that it's going to be cancelled. Please see if it can be brought back--it is a really good comedy (and I can rarely tolerate today's comedies)!
05/01/16 at 02:38pm

Gd news tht mike & molly are getting the final episodes aired this was a nice susprise whn i updated my showbox app the other day, brill show shame it got cancelled
04/27/16 at 06:44pm

Why would you cancel the best funny show ever, just because she loss a lot of weight, some of the episodes you had Mike and Molly eating healthy to loss weight and working out now that she did you want to cancel it, what's up with that? Why have them do those episodes if your going to cancel it after they get into shape?
04/22/16 at 04:33pm

Just a heads-up, they are starting to air the final episodes on Monday night starting April 25th. Check your local listing for times.

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