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Sep 20, 2010 - May 16, 2016








Mike - Billy GardellMolly - Melissa McCarthyCarl - Reno WilsonVictoria - Katy MixonSamuel - Nyambi NyambiJoyce - Swoosie KurtzPeggy - Rondi ReedVince - Louis MustilloRosetta - Cleo KingHarry - David Anthony Higgins

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A sitcom following a newly dating overweight couple.

Mike Biggs is a police officer living in Chicago, who also happens to be trying to lose some weight. Molly Flynn is a a fourth-grade teacher also watching her eating habits. When the two meet at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting, they hit it off.

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joann Lankford
02/18/16 at 06:49pm

I thought there was 13 shows 4 this season why did they take some thing so funny off the air
02/14/16 at 09:58am

Love this show PLEASE do not cancel!!
02/14/16 at 06:14am

Like others have said, it was very much like 'king of queens' did not care for this show at all
02/10/16 at 07:38pm

wtf ??? are you joking ???? why???? great show !!!!!!!!!!!! I could name a few shows that really have to gooooooooooooooo !!!!!!!!!! why ? why??
02/09/16 at 04:45pm

I cant believe CBS has cancelled my favorite comedy. The whole cast was hysterical and kept me laughing. Hate 2 Broke Girls, Big Bang Theory, Mom and all those stupid comedies. Get rid of them and keep Mike and Molly
02/08/16 at 11:06pm

she became a film star, kept her down?
02/01/16 at 09:29pm

Oh come on!! With all that's going on in the world, we need shows like this one to help us get through these days of stress . Please please don't not cancel. You're taking away our very little time of laughter .
Darlene Tollett
02/01/16 at 04:54pm

Please don't cancel on of the funniest shows on TV!
01/31/16 at 07:17pm

Surely CBS you joke. Why in the world would you cancel one of the best comedies in years. The number of shows on CBS that's worth anything anymore is becoming less and less. Right up there with some of the stupid commercials.
01/29/16 at 05:59pm

this is such a great show-please keep it on the air!!!

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