Falling Skies

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Jun 19, 2011 - Aug 30, 2015




Drama / Sci-fi




Tom - Noah WyleAnne - Moon BloodgoodWeaver - Will PattonCol. Porter - Dale DyeHal - Drew RoyMatt - Maxim KnightBen - Connor JessupLourdes - Seychelle GabrielJohn - Colin CunninghamMargaret - Sarah Carter

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A science fiction drama focused on the aftermath of an alien invasion and the resistance movement by the survivors.

Most of the earth has been left unrecognizable and totally incapacitated after an alien invasion. Six months after the attack, groups of survivors have banded together on the outskirts of major cities in an attempt to fight back.

Citizen soldiers are faced with the task of protecting the people while also working as part of a campaign against the occupying aliens, who are highly intelligent and employ military-like tactics. Survivors have categorized these aliens into two types: Skitters and Mechs. Skitters are spider-like and have supreme strength and agility, while Mechs stand upright and shoot bullets from their arms.

Will the surviving humans be able to maintain their humanity in these trying times? They may be outnumbered, but still have their spirit, commitment, and endurance to fight back with.

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mike dobey
08/31/15 at 05:48pm

This show ended with five seasons. It was a decent show , although season 4 was weak in comparison to the other seasons , the fifth season was a strong one. The final ending featured a great villain , the queen monster at least, her death making all the other aliens blow up was silly. But who cares , at least we got a real ending.
08/17/15 at 07:46pm

I will miss it. Reminds me a lot of The Little House on the Prarie. The sci-fi aspect was so so but the interaction of members of the primary extended family was great. Good bye old friend.
Falling Skies INC
03/11/15 at 02:35am

We are glad to announce that we are bringing falling skies back to AUSSTAR ONLY, Season 5 will kick of in September 15th. If you do have any questions please contact us on VIA email fallingskiesinc@hotmail.com glad to see everone still supporting us!
03/07/15 at 08:38pm

Like the show, but glad to see it's ending. That's the problem with many shows, they hang on long after they should have ended and become a joke. This one will hopefully offer a good conclusion to the story.
11/20/14 at 01:13pm

This is a good show.
dee dee
09/26/14 at 00:17am

Can not see how an upscale channel like Discovery can run a mindless program like"NAKED AND AFRAID".I personally have had enough reality,scripted reality,dancing,singing,storage lockers,and out of the 120 channels I pay for, good old channels like Usa and many more, about 25 are re-runs or 24 hours daily of one show. PLEASE BRING BACK FREE TV,I WILL GLADLY GO ON THE ROOF AND ADJUST THE ANTENNA .Thanks!
John Diz
09/13/14 at 09:18pm

If you think this show is good you must have a very low IQ. You are the reason television is as bad as it is today.
09/02/14 at 01:02pm

PLEASE! Get rid of the Hippie chick and the commune! Get back to the original premise of the show.
08/24/14 at 04:54am

This series is just too simple for me. I guess there's not enough mature sci-fi fans out there to drive a series that has some real depth. Maybe Children of the Machine can pull it off in 2015.
07/13/14 at 07:01pm

They really need to pick up the pace. Starting to get boring.

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