Falling Skies

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Jun 19, 2011 - Aug 30, 2015




Drama / Sci-fi




Tom - Noah WyleAnne - Moon BloodgoodWeaver - Will PattonCol. Porter - Dale DyeHal - Drew RoyMatt - Maxim KnightBen - Connor JessupLourdes - Seychelle GabrielJohn - Colin CunninghamMargaret - Sarah Carter

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A science fiction drama focused on the aftermath of an alien invasion and the resistance movement by the survivors.

Most of the earth has been left unrecognizable and totally incapacitated after an alien invasion. Six months after the attack, groups of survivors have banded together on the outskirts of major cities in an attempt to fight back.

Citizen soldiers are faced with the task of protecting the people while also working as part of a campaign against the occupying aliens, who are highly intelligent and employ military-like tactics. Survivors have categorized these aliens into two types: Skitters and Mechs. Skitters are spider-like and have supreme strength and agility, while Mechs stand upright and shoot bullets from their arms.

Will the surviving humans be able to maintain their humanity in these trying times? They may be outnumbered, but still have their spirit, commitment, and endurance to fight back with.

Comments (37)

07/03/14 at 04:48am

Sadly, I guess this is the best sci-fi series on now. If it gets any worse then I just might have to resort to watching older series again, such as Stargate SG-1 and Star Trek TNG.
05/18/14 at 05:52pm

Very good show.
03/02/14 at 02:34pm

AWESOME Show .. Can't wait for the next season!!
06/02/13 at 06:09pm

Thought that Falling Skies was surely doomed after "V" got canceled. Loved them both. At least we'll have one great Sci-Fi series left to watch. So glad it's returning.
05/25/13 at 09:30am

Awesome! Great show, so glad it has been renewed.
05/11/13 at 02:07pm

Like the kid with the stickers on his back. I bet he's gonna grow an extra set of legs(?) Anyway I like this show.
03/28/13 at 07:14pm

can't wait
03/07/13 at 07:03am

To Chris: I like the show and will watch next season, but dude you need to get your networks straight. This is a TNT series, not AMC. AMC shows are edgier, more creative and faster-paced.
02/05/13 at 10:39am

I've given up on this series.. Last season was it for me! No great reveal yet! After two years, we still don't know, who the aliens are? Why did they attack? When did they attack? How long ago was it? What do they want? A sci-fi show that's character driven- I do get that! But this pony has been riden way too long! What started out with great promise, has now turned into a waste of time!
01/20/13 at 05:44pm

I love this show, bought the DVD,
can't wait for the new season
to start . I DVR'd and watch every
Week. Story line keeps me Wanting
to see more.

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