Falling Skies

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Jun 19, 2011 - Aug 30, 2015




Drama / Sci-fi




Tom - Noah WyleAnne - Moon BloodgoodWeaver - Will PattonCol. Porter - Dale DyeHal - Drew RoyMatt - Maxim KnightBen - Connor JessupLourdes - Seychelle GabrielJohn - Colin CunninghamMargaret - Sarah Carter

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A science fiction drama focused on the aftermath of an alien invasion and the resistance movement by the survivors.

Most of the earth has been left unrecognizable and totally incapacitated after an alien invasion. Six months after the attack, groups of survivors have banded together on the outskirts of major cities in an attempt to fight back.

Citizen soldiers are faced with the task of protecting the people while also working as part of a campaign against the occupying aliens, who are highly intelligent and employ military-like tactics. Survivors have categorized these aliens into two types: Skitters and Mechs. Skitters are spider-like and have supreme strength and agility, while Mechs stand upright and shoot bullets from their arms.

Will the surviving humans be able to maintain their humanity in these trying times? They may be outnumbered, but still have their spirit, commitment, and endurance to fight back with.

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09/14/12 at 12:36pm

Another great show on AMC--The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad--bravo to AMC!
07/12/12 at 03:54pm

Outstanding viewing !!!
Sandy Weller
07/03/12 at 08:45pm

I love Falling Skies. There are very few of this type show left. All my favorites have been canceled. SyFy channel is no longer science fiction based. How Warehouse 13 survives is beyond me. Loved all Battlestar Galactica & Stargate spinoffs. Hate reality shows except maybe Kitchen Nightmares.
05/31/12 at 09:49am

love it love it love it
05/28/12 at 07:02am

Whoever said this show stinks is from a (generation) of people who crave instant gratification,rather than enjoying exploration. I've noticed that many shows don't survive because people want the plot revealed NOW. I believe they are the same people who do not read novels. They are so used to NOW, NOW, NOW, that they don't have time to enjoy the DEVELOPMENT of a story. Falling Skies is freakin' awesome. To actually discover that the aliens are more than likely ****** was a welcomed surprise to me! I'm glad I'm still watching it; now I love it even more!
05/20/12 at 02:18am

I love alien invasion themes...and I am looking forward to Season 2 of Falling Skies!
05/18/12 at 11:17pm

What's whith the hats against this show? I don't get why people are saying the plot is stale. Are you guys watching the same show I'm watching? I've I have never seen anything like this plot before. What other movie is like this show? Unless you mean an alien invasion? But that's like saying star wars and star trek is the same because it has to do with outerspace and aliens? The aliens took over earth and there are only a few human resistances left is great. There are a few movies (and a game) like that, but nothing like how Falling Skies does it! The aliens are superb. They are mysterious and have depth to them. The whole thing with using the kids as a slave was awesome. The aliens seemed to care for the kids like they are their children, so that is mysterious. We know not much about the Aliens and that keeps you guessing. The whole thing is just great; I truly don't understand how people could not like the plot! I can understand why one wouldn't like it because it is really really slow at times, but other than that it is great! The Characters could be expanded on I think, yeah, but it's certainly not awful.
Cara Stone
05/15/12 at 05:22am

I agree w/Dak. Character-driven. The special effects are kinda cheesy. I mean the aliens are lame-looking, 1970s-style aliens. I love the show anyway. It's the PEOPLE that make it worth watching; definitely NOT the special effects...
04/13/12 at 01:07pm

We love it in our house
Ingo - Germany
03/11/12 at 09:24am

>Dak: my 2 cents: imho it is exactly the other way round. The special effects are the only interesting thing in this series. And while the show should be character-driven, I see no character I can connect with, no believable story-line I have not seen in B-Movies (or C-Movies or worse) lot's of times before. And sometimes better. I could care less about the special effects if there where 1 or 2 people I liked and a gripping story. But sadly this (for me) is, what's missing.

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