Impractical Jokers

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Dec 15, 2011 - Present






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A hidden camera reality series where pranks are pulled on unsuspecting strangers.

Four members of comedy troupe "The Tenderloins" participate in this practical joke series, where they coerce each other into pulling hidden-camera pranks on the unsuspecting public.

One member at a time performs each prank, and they only find out the details of the gag moments before they do it. The remaining members of the group stay behind the scenes where they feed lines to the prankster's earpiece.

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12/19/15 at 09:47am

This show is not funny. I never knew the writers could come up with this kind of junk. This show is a disgrace to humor. I wish TruTV would take to show off of its network for good.
07/15/15 at 03:36pm

It is on for people with a sense of humour.
09/19/14 at 05:20pm

why is this even on tv

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